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Introducing Focus-Sensing Earbuds

You can't afford every day distractions when time is your most valuable currency. Take control with high-fidelity EEG earbuds so you can save up to 21 hours of unfocused work per week.

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Every day distractions like doom scrolling stop you from working productively & living authentically.


Tap Into Your Mind

Super-charge your workflow with the DeepWork app paired with our focus sensing earbuds.

Earbuds That Work With Your Brain
Measure focus and stress levels in real-time to optimize your productivity.

Know When To Take A Break
Use data-driven recommendations to know when and where you lose focus and improve your work day.

Take Control of Your Workflow

This product has quite literally created a work-life balance I thought I could never achieve with the rigorous job I have.


Web Developer

BCI Tech That Understands You

Niura earbuds allow me to stay less stressed and get more work done while constantly working behind a computer screen.


IT Analyst

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