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Is Niura’s technology safe for use?

We have integrated our proprietary conductive silicone electrode technology into discreet, sleek earbuds. They are safe for regular use and our technology will be going through clinical trials to determine the scope of their usage. Additionally, we are proud to be HIPAA certified, ensuring the utmost privacy for our users.

Is Niura’s technology patented?

Yes, we hold a significant number of patents that encompass various aspects of our product. This includes six provisional and four non-provisional patents granted by the USPTO, covering everything from our charging dock to our proprietary conductive ear tips.

Why specifically earbuds?

At Niura, we are committed to providing our users with a seamless and delightful experience when it comes to monitoring their brain health. Our choice to integrate brainwave detection with customizable music options through earbuds ensures that monitoring is not just a necessity but also a comfortable and enjoyable activity. Earbuds offer a more discreet and compact form factor compared to traditional headphones, aligning perfectly with our mission to simplify, convenience, and infuse fun into the process of brain health monitoring for all.

What is EEG, and what can it tell us?

EEG, or electroencephalography, is a non-invasive medical procedure that records electrical activity in the brain. EEG can provide valuable insights into brain function, helping to identify patterns associated with various mental states and serving as a crucial diagnostic tool for screening for abnormalities such as epileptic seizures, potential aneurysms, and other neurological disorders. By analyzing the electrical activity in the brain, EEG enables early detection and intervention, contributing to more effective and timely medical care. 

What can Niura’s earbuds tell me about my health?

Niura's EEG-integrated earbuds provide a holistic view of your brain health by analyzing key markers such as stress levels, focus, mental fatigue, sleep quality, and more! The technology offers insights into the effectiveness of relaxation and meditation practices and tracks cognitive performance trends over time. Additionally, the earbuds may have applications in brain-computer interface interactions. While Niura's earbuds empower users with valuable information about their brain health, it's important to remember that they are not a substitute for professional medical advice. For specific health concerns, consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended. Niura's technology aims to enhance well-being by offering actionable insights for informed decision-making.

What capabilities do these earbuds have?

Niura’s earbuds provide an immersive audio experience while monitoring the user’s brain health. Through Niura’s app, users can receive real-time alerts for any potential concerns, combined with daily data insights. Our approach not only provides high-quality audio enjoyment but also empowers users with a newfound sense of control over their brain health. 

Can I use EEG earbuds during physical activities or exercise? 

Niura’s earbuds are designed for versatile use for various everyday activities such as exercise. Our earbuds are crafted for comfort and stability, ensuring a secure fit even during movement and convenient brain health monitoring. 

Will EEG earbuds let me know when my brain activity is abnormal?

Niura’s EEG earbuds are designed to continuously monitor your brain’s electrical activity. If any abnormal patterns are detected, our app can provide valuable insights, alert you to potential irregularities in your brain activity, and recommend you speak with a specialist.

How can I receive more updates regarding Niura’s technology? 

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Can anyone use Niura earbuds, or are they specialized for specific users? Or are there any age restrictions or health conditions that affect using Niura earbuds?

Anyone can use Niura earbuds, as Niura's goal is to provide everyone with the ability to monitor their brain health. No age restrictions or health conditions may affect the use of Niura earbuds.

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